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Motorcycle Courses

The fact is we never stop learning even if the learning we experience is subtle at times. "Be a Better Biker" is a really simple concept, helping you to develop and adapt existing skills so you can have those good riding experiences.

  • One Day Workshops
  • Skilled Based Courses
  • BABB Confidence Course
  • 2hr Skills Builder

The training programme was conceived in 2004 following a year which saw 18 riders lose their lives on the roads of Buckinghamshire. The format is very simple and has been designed to provide riders with an accurate profile of their skills and potential.

The programme is centred around the idea that training should be tailored to meet individual needs. We do this quite simply, by inviting YOU, the rider, to come and talk to us about making riding more enjoyable and safer. How can you ever hope to really enjoy your riding if you are constantly fearful about what's going on? Riding a road and knowing how to sort out and deal with the problems is all part of the fun and skill of riding. That feeling of control as you lean into another curve and settle the bike onto a clean riding line through a series of challenging bends. Satisfying!

So our day begins with some light hearted introductions that will allow us to pair you with a suitable riding partner. Develop your understanding as we sort the theory of riding to deal with hazards and bends and all areas of concern that most riders experience from time to time. Then out on the road to put this all into practice.

We run one day workshops on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year, click here to view our calendar/diary or contact us for availability. Riders will get a mixture of theory in a classroom (2 hours) to start the day, and then go out on the road (3 hours) with an Instructor, who will help put the theory into practice. The one day workshops stimulate the interest as to what can be developed on our training courses and help you to "Be a Better Biker".

If you are a rider who is looking to hone your riding skills, you are invited to sign up to this programme.

BaBB Phase 2

A new initiative for 2011 and in direct response to requests from riders wanting more from the training sessions. This course is open to anyone who has completed the BaBB assessment day and who wants to take things to the next level. This is a 6-hour on road training session that further develops rider’s skills following the successful completion of the assessment day. Cornering, Overtaking, Positioning and hazard management are the elements developed. At the end of the day, a very detailed and comprehensive report is compiled,which will cover every detail of a riders skills and knowledge. Successful completion of this phase will see the rider demonstrating a very capable level of riding. Phase 2 is run at Princes Risborough and Marlow in 2011, places can be booked through the BaBB Events Calender or sending an email to requesting places. Cost £110 single, £160 per pair

BaBB Phase 3

A one to one training session lasting 6-hours. Riding in the company of one of the BaBB trainers; riders will fine tune their skills to the highest possible standard. This level also provides the opportunity to move toward the “ultimate” riding assessment and coveted RED BaBB rider’s badge. You may even be invited to join us as one of the regular trainers for the scheme.

Completion of the course would qualify the riders to:

Level 1 pass mark 86-100, valid for 5 years
Level 2 pass mark 71-85, valid for 3 years
Level 3 pass mark 50-70 valid for 18 months

The levels promote you to achieve the best possible grades and allow you to climb an achievable ladder which would perpetuate a continuous learning style.

Come and try us out, you will be surprised at what you will gain from riding with us! You may even enjoy yourself and want to become a member........

The Confidence Building Course is aimed at assisting riders to restore their confidence when riding. Have you been involved in a collision, had a near miss, or generally find other traffic intimidating? We will take you out on a one to one ride and build that confidence back so you really feel solid in your riding.

Once you have been out with one of our instructors you may want to come onto the BaBB One Day Workshop course.

Give Be A Better Biker a call.....Or look at our calendar for our next training courses.... we look forward to meeting you...

BaBB 2 Hour Skills Builder

So, you have been on the One Day Workshop and now you want to hone your skills, but not sure you are doing it right and really need the practice?

The 2 Hour Skills Builder is the way forward. Book a time slot in the calendar section and you will then be met out on road by one of our trainers.

You then get one2one tuition for the first hour with one of our qualified riding instructors.

In the second hour, you move to the following position and watch another students tuition hours. This is when you can hone you’re riding skills, without being under pressure of instruction.

At the end of the 2 hours you wend your way home practising your new skills till we do it all again in a fortnights time (if you wish) with your instructor. When you are ready you can then move up to Phase 2…