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November 29th, 2011

Beware The Voices!!

You know how some decisions just kind of creep up on you and somehow carry you along? Well, I was in the local dealership in Newbury buying some parts for Amada’s GSX-R (an alternator cover gasket) and was on my way out of the door when I spotted a very pretty red and white R1 lined up in a row of other used bikes. The last thing on my mind was another sports bike as the garage is getting a bit crowded but I had to take a closer look, be rude not to… wouldn't it!

An 02-03 model with only 10K miles and looking like it’s never been out in the rain at a very sensible asking price – very appealing but as I’m in the car with no bike gear I just give it a good check over and leave to go home and fix Amanda’s bike.

With all work and no play over the next couple of weeks I do nothing but the next time I’m in the area and on a bike I’d drop by again, just to see if it’s still there and convince myself that I really don’t need another sports bike.
Yep, there it is and I still can’t find a thing wrong with it. Perhaps I’ll just take it out for a test ride – I’m sure to hate it. It’ll be cramped and uncomfortable, with knees round my ears, weight on my wrists kind of way. It’ll have no mid-range and be a nightmare to ride in town and bumpy as hell in the country… won’t it?

You guessed it – it’s lovely!! There IS loads of mid-range grunt, the fuelling is perfect and feels so balanced at low speed. So far so good, now let’s take onto some of the bumpy twisty back road typical of my area. I can’t believe it! This thing is more comfortable than my old VFR!!! Yes I can feel the bumps but in a fluid compliant way that instils real confidence in what the front end is doing.

Help! I’m running out of reasons not to buy an R1 when my one, remaining, sensible, gene is telling me I need a GS and a Saga membership card. Let’s sleep on it I tell myself, I’ll be better in the morning.

You guessed it, bowing to the voices I haggle with the salesman for an hour the next day and I’m now the proud owner of the prettiest R1 ever and I’ve not regretted the decision for an instant but why does it rain every time I ride it?

The moral of this tale………..

Get someone else to buy your gaskets – the voices will creep up when you least expect them!


February 25th, 2012 8:40 pm
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November 29th, 2011 8:01 pm
OMG ! ! ! The Saga Born Again is here!!!! LOL! Those wrists will hurt you know.... eventually....
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