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November 28th, 2011

Winter Riding Nov 2011

For the majority of riders the main season passed by a few months ago, however, with the balmy, although welcome mild weather of late, some riders have extended this a little.

The biggest dangers that we face as riders are the ones that we are the most aware of but, equally the ones we pay the least attention to. The simple challenge is to write down a list of the hazards and risks associated with riding and in particular, with winter riding and then carefully see how many we actually do.

For example, we know that we need to leave more time, but very often we don’t, because we are by nature, creatures of habit and these are often hard to break.

Keeping warm in the colder weather is key to safety. If you become too cold you will not be able to think rationally as your senses and reactions slow. In such an event your ability to think clearly and deal with the on-going problems will be limited.

So a good breakfast to insulate from the inside, a few thin layers of clothing underneath good protective outer clothing will do the job and make sure to keep the extremities well insulated. Stop regularly to warm up and plan a suitable safe route and allow additional time. All makes sense if we do what we know we should. We are all aware of this, but do we pay sufficient attention to them or do we simply assume that we have it all covered. If the next time you ride and arrive cold, then you need to ask yourself if you really planned this one right and what about getting home again?

February 26th, 2012 5:59 am
Suspension is an iprmotant part of your dirt bike, that is the reason why you have to modify it so that it suits you well. Should you be riding on suspension that doesn't feel right to you it could possibly give you bad performance on the track. Adjust it!
bob craven
December 7th, 2011 10:33 am
Low sun is a contributory factor in about 9% of biker accidents , usually when a vehicle turns in or out of a side street or whilst turning in front of u. So if u have the sun in your back [ u will be casting a shadow in front that u can see] beware of the danger of vehicles in front entering your road or turning in front of u. They will not see u even if u are wearing Hi vis.... For yourself... its no use wearing sun glasses/dark visor etc if sunlight is directly into your eyes u will have grey or blind spots. The only way to see 100% is to avoid direct sun in eyes . I put electricians tape on the top and bottom of my visor and whether its up of down it helps shield my eyes and visibility is not effected. One thing however if riding with visor up remember to protect your eyes. Nothing worse than getting hit in the eye. Happy riding.
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