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Motorcycle Instructors Courses 

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Within BaBB, our aim is to take riders who have the ability and ambition and completed our riding course, to become fully qualified RMPT (Register of Motorcycle Post Test Training) Motorcycle Instructors. This course is open to any rider.
The structure of the course is as follows.
Grade 3
To reach this level you will need to have completed the City and Guilds 7300 (Teaching in a Life Long Learning Sector) training course and complete a 1-Hour riding assessment to the required standard. This will allow the trainer to move to the second training grade and observe a qualified BaBB trainer delivering sessions. They will be able to deliver theory sessions under supervision. (1/2 Day)
Grade 2
Day 1 to cover Safety Briefings initial ride assessment and analysis Feedback techniques Second Ride report writing.
Day 2 to cover On Road Following Position, Safety Management Briefings.
Grade 1
Final 4 hour road training session with a student to cover all areas of training. Observed final ride as part of this training session (1 day).

Completion of BaBB test paper.
Final road assessment.
Delivery of a theory session of 30 minutes duration.
Completion of the DSA Hazard Perception test.

If you are interested in becoming a BaBB Instructor or completing the DSA RMPT, contact us stating INSTRUCTOR TRAINING in the comments box and we will contact you within 48 hours to discuss.

The City & Guilds 7300 Introduction to Trainer Skills - Vocational. This is an ideal qualification for those who train others in organisations. The intensive course is delivered over two days and provides the participants with a sound introduction to the concepts of a systematic approach to training.
The course is based on the training cycle, covering: 
   planning (including session planning)
   delivery (participants will deliver a 10 or 15 minute 'session' that they have planned)
   evaluation (self, peer group and course evaluation)
The course also covers:
   setting ground rules
   use of icebreakers
   the learning environment
   training resources
   gaining and maintaining attention
The knowledge and practical skills gained on the course will be assessed by a multiple choice quiz and an observation (by the course tutor) of the participants' delivered session, on which they will receive formal feedback. The idea of the assessment is not to set the participants up to fail, but rather to ensure that they have absorbed the knowledge and developed the skills necessary to be an effective trainer.
This course is delivered as part of the BaBB Instructor training course or can be delivered by our qualified trainers at a convenient site or workplace.